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Q: How to get the most out of your LED screen?

D you want to get the most out of your LED screen?

Here we go with a few tips that might be useful for you, when creating the next advertising to be broadcast on your LED screen. If you want to get the most out of your LED screen, in terms of recognition from the audience, we will help you determine the best approach for creating a new ad.

First of all, let's address the ad duration. Some people make the huge mistake of creating 30 to 40 seconds ads. 30 seconds? Your audience is not sitting on a sofa waiting for the next TV show! They are most probably driving by at 60 km per hour and hopefully they are more focused on the street rather than your LED Screen.

Still, they should be able to see the entire ads, from start to end while passing by. So what's the point of creating a wonderful ad, if they can't read the advertiser's phone number and address at the end because the ad is too long? From my experience an ad should be a maximum of 10 seconds in length, and rarely 15 seconds.

Longer ads are pointless because either your target sees the beginning and not the end, or vice-versa. In both cases, you didn't get the message across, and the audience did not find an interesting message on your LED wall. Therefore your customer will have no interest in doing it again in the future because they didn't get much in return for their investment.

Of course, there are exceptions to the "10 second" rule, such as when LED Screen walls are installed in pedestrian areas where people have more time to watch the LED screen wall. But as I said, those are exceptions and are rare.

Q: What is the refresh rate for LED screens?

The refresh rate of a LED screen is the number of times in a second that the LED screen hardware draws the data. This is distinct from the measure of frame rate in that the refresh rate for LED screens includes the repeated drawing of identical frames, while frame rate measures how often a video source can feed an entire frame of new data to a display.

For example, most movie projectors advance from one frame to the next one 24 times each second. But each frame is illuminated two or three times before the next frame is projected using a shutter in front of its lamp. As a result, the movie projector runs at 24 frames per second, but has a 48 or 72 Hz refresh rate.

Increase refresh rate for decreasing LED screen flickering
On LED screens, increasing the refresh rate decreases flickering, thereby reducing eye strain. However, if a refresh rate is specified that is beyond what is recommended for the LED screen, damage to the display can occur.

Normally our LED screens have a refresh rate of over 500Hz, which is more than 10 times the refresh rate of a normal cathode television which is 50Hz (PAL and SECAM) or 60Hz (NTSC). For football stadiums (stadium LED screens and perimeter LED screens) our LED screens can reach a refresh rate of over 1000Hz, which means that they won′t show any flickering when recorded with a video camera and broadcasted live on television.

Q: What is the life time for our LED screens?

The life time for our LED screens is over 100,000 hours, but it depends how the client is taking care of his LED screen and how it is used. When a LED Screens´ life time will get to 100,000 hours, it means that the brightness of the LED´s of the LED screen is about 50% of it´s original brightness, depending on several factors that will enlarge a LED screen´s life time or reach 100,000 hours.

The most important factors are:

LED Screen Maintenance

Maintenance is a very important factor, dusty environments require more often maintenance to the LED screen than clean environments. The soldering of the LED chips can dry out and break which require changing often pieces like LED modules and receiving cards.

LED Screen Temperature

The temperature of the LED screen is very important to keep it cool. In hot environments it is wise to install a cooling system inside the LED screen to avoid overheating.

LED Screen Power Protection

Electrical peaks can put more force on the electrical components which will decrease life time. It is wise to install a protection that can control the peaks.

Q: Why isolocork system?

Isolocork is the only system in the market ready to apply. It's 20 times faster than common etics system, no need for skilled labor, much thinner, lighter and durable.

Q: what colors are available?

We have Isolocork in all colors you want. Just send us the RAL color. Any way Isolocork is paintable, and you can also buy it in white and paint it yourself.

Q: Is Isolocork better than normal etics systems?

Yes, Isolocork has many advantages.

Hypoallergenic; can be applied on curved surfaces; fire retardant; fast installation; easy transport; no need of skilled labor; easy to repair; don't need to protect at ground level; long life time; thermal, acoustic and vibration insulation; no side expansion; allow the house to release the inner humidity in gaseous form; does not release toxic smoke; self extinguishing.